Lenders need experienced technical expertise when evaluating risks associated with construction and take-off financing. It is critical to ensure the project has a high probability of success through construction and COD, and then onwards for the duration of the PPA.

ARI has provided Axes Capital with 3rd Party Due Diligence services on over 1MW of PV projects, covering energy simulations, snow loss estimates, P(50) and P(90) yield modeling, QA/QC procedures, and technical documentation reviews.


ARI was selected to provide Owner’s Engineering Services for the Township of Selwyn to ensure their three rooftop FIT projects met quality and performance requirements.

ARI has the training and advanced testing equipment to provide the township with detailed performance commissioning including IV curve tracing and Performance Ratio testing.

These test reports give the owner confidence that the system is operating properly from day one, as well as a valuable benchmark that can provide critical information for the system operator throughout the lifetime of the project.

Having an experienced 3rd party to validate system performance and provide a quality control punch-list gives the Township confidence in the 342 kW of generating capacity they are adding to their portfolio of assets.


When a contractor is working on the largest commercial rooftop portfolio in Canada, they need an engineering partner they can rely on.

ARI is providing Fitzpatrick Electrical Contractor with closeout and performance testing services for PV projects as part of the Toronto District School Board portfolio. With up to a dozen projects under construction at any given time, Fitzpatrick relies on ARI to move quickly when projects are ready to commission and apply for COD. ARI’s engineer will review the site in detail, noting the as-built condition of the site and highlighting any deficiencies that need correcting. By providing clear and fast reporting, Fitzpatrick is able to reach COD sooner and move on to the next job