Ross Green


Ross Green has six years of diverse experience in the Ontario Solar Industry in both rooftop and ground mount PV. Ross got his start in the renewables sector as an Applications Engineer focused on the implementation of Solectria Renewables grid tied solar PV inverters in the province of Ontario. This role imbued Ross with a very technical approach to PV system design, which has proven a critical asset for the execution of construction engineering and engineer or record services for some of the largest bankable commercial solar PV portfolios in the country. Ross has completed detailed system performance validation for utility scale ground mount and rooftop projects, including weather station calibration, data validation against third party data sets, and detailed snow loss modelling based on multi-year performance data. 

Ross led the construction group of a prominent Ontario EPC to the successful completion of over 4MW of commercial rooftop PV projects in 2015. Ross is a proven leader in managing and executing on successful Solar PV construction projects, with particular attention to the underlying engineering, procurement and coordination resources involved.

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Nate Preston


Nate Preston is a demonstrated leader with experience managing commercial PV construction projects including design and resource planning, regulatory compliance, procurement, installation, and commissioning. He has experience with both rooftop and ground mount projects. 

Nate has participated in project management, design and engineering services for over 150 rooftop PV projects across Ontario, and has been involved in providing solar PV engineering for four years. Nate has six years of R&D experience in Academia, and completed his Masters focusing on PV systems integration at the Queen’s University Solar Calorimetry Lab. 

Nate has been modelling solar system performance for 10 years using industry accepted software such as PVSYST, Helioscope, Polysun, and TRNSYS. Nate developed his passion for solar during his undergraduate degree, as the manager of a team of 16 students and $1M budget during the design, construction, and racing of a solar vehicle from Dallas, TX to Calgary, AB.


Josh Friedlich

Brendan mccormick, B.SC, EIT
renewable energy analyst

Brendan McCormick is the latest addition to the Apricity Renewables team. He has 3 years of academic research experience, focused primarily on the development and modelling of hybrid energy storage systems. Brendan conducted his research with the Queen's-RMC Fuel Cell Research Center and the Queen's Solar Calorimetry Lab. 

His technical studies are complemented by environmental and energy policy education, gained through a collaborative Masters program between the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Queen's School of Policy Studies. The primary focus of his policy work was the development of decentralized power generation and local ownership strategies for renewable energy generation assets.

Prior to his work in academia Brendan held a Process Engineering co-op position at Procter & Gamble, where he had the opportunity to lead and assist on several engineering initiatives, reducing line downtime and improving product quality. His time at P&G inspired his academic pursuits, showing him the benefits of operating environmentally and socially responsible businesses.